Who is COP Reloaded



We are the Third Force of independent COP warrior activists who understand that the way forward for the Congress of the People lies in fulfilling its promises to the people on new politics. We are a pressure group established  to restore the hope of a Nation that the NEW POLITICS  would one day reach the hallowed halls of Government. We are a pressure group seeking to establish the Third Force as independant entity from the coalition government.

What is a Pressure Group, it is a team of persons who exert force to influence policy and public opinion.


This is a lobby to reinstate the COP as a viable vehicle for good governance in Trinidad and Tobago to usher in the New Politics in Trinidad and Tobago.


To position the COP to make the difference in the 2015 general election by rekindling the trust of the electorate and garnering sufficient support to give the COP the strongest bargaining position.

To be the pathfinders that give birth to the new realities that define the Awakening on a global scale.

Alternatively, to present ourselves as alternative leaders for governance in Trinidad and Tobago. 


(1) To lobby vociferously for the removal of the COP from the Coalition and to remain as Independent MPs in the House.

(2) To remind the people of the principles, policies and programmes of the COP through implementation and advocacy.

(3) To show how the people of Trinidad and Tobago can benefit from the principles, policies and programmes of the COP.

(4) To strongly identify the Warriors of the Rainbow with the original principles, policies and programmes of the COP

(5) To provide critical analysis of the policies and activities of the government .

(6) To be pathfinders who will align Trinidad and Tobago to the new reality and cause it to master the mountains of education, culture, politics, media, environment, economy and society.