The Negotiations- Analysis of Voting Stats

Print TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO 2007 ELECTION People’s Netion1 Movement Utited Ntiori1 Congress TOBAGO TOBAGO EAST DIEOO MARTIN NORTH-EAST PORT OF SPAIN NORTH - ST ANNES WEST DIEGO MARTIN WEST ST ANNES EAST TOCO SANGRE GRANDE 1. AROUCA-MALONEY 2. CAROHI CENTRAL 3. CARONI EAST 4. CHAGAUNAS EAST MARTIN CENTRAL PORT OF SPAIN SOUTH SAN FERNANDO WEST EAST BAPATARIA SAN JUAN JL:):EPH POINT CHAGUANAS WEST COUVA NORTH COUVA $OUTH POIHTF-A-PIERRE FYZA BAD LA EEA PRINCES TOWN SOUTH- TABLELAND 5. DABADIE-OMEARA 6. LA HORQUETTA TALPARO LAVENTILLE EAST- 7. MORVANT 3. LAVENTILLEV7E2T 9. LOPINOT BON AIR WEST 10, NAPARIMA 11 OROPOUCHE EAST 12, OROPOUCHE WEST 13. PRINCES TOWN NORTH 14. ST AUGUSTINE 15. TAEAQTJITE 16. TUNAPUNA FORTIN Constituencies Constituency Winner (Party) Arima Penelope Beckles (PNM) Arouca/Maloney Alicia Hospedales (PNM) BaratarialSan Juan Joseph Ross (PNM) Caroni Central Hamza Rafeeq (UNCA) Caroni East Tim Gopeesingh (UNCA) Chaguanas East Mustapha Abdul-Hamid (PNM) Chaguanas West Jack Warner (UNCA) Couva North Basdeo Panday (UNCA) Couva South Kelvin Ramnath (UNCA) Cumuto/Manzanilla Harry Partap (UNCA) D’Abadie/OMeara Karen Nunez-Tesheira (PNM) Diego Martin Central Dr. Keith Rowley (PNM) Diego Martin North/East CoIm Imbert (PNM) Peoples National Movement 299,813 45.85 26 United National Congress—Alliance 194,425 29.73 15 Congress of the People 148,041 22.64 0 Democratic Action Congress 8,801 1.35 0 Democratic National Assembly 376 0.01 0 Independents 120 0.00 0 Total valid (turnout 66%) 651,576 100.00 41 Invalid 2,306 Total 653,882 Source: EBC 2007 Election Results Other